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Investor Relations is the link between SNB, its shareholders, and potential investors. It is the entity authorized to manage communications between the Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA), Saudi Stock Exchange "Tadawul”, and SNB.

The role of the Investor Relations is to develop and improve the relationship between the shareholders and SNB by facilitating services and providing strategic plans that are revised annually in a way that is appropriate to the interests of the shareholders. Investors Relations is responsible for managing and organizing the Bank shareholders’ records of shares and the follow up of the distribution of dividendS that are approved to be distributed. 

Moreover, Investor Relations provides SNB competent authorities with periodic reports and circulars issued by the regulatory authorities and ensures​ their implementation. It also keeps the files of the shareholders’ details received from the Saudi Stock Exchange "Tadawul" in a special automatic system in order to make them available when necessary. Additionally, the Investor Relations follows up the obligations of Board of Directors’ members and senior Executives with respect to their ownership of SNB shares and lock-in periods. Moreover, the Investor Relations is responsible for preparing, drafting, publishing all SNB announcements on "Tadawul" website, in addition to preparing, processing, and implementing all procedures related to holding the Ordinary General Assemblies and the Extraordinary General Assemblies, as well as receiving and answering all questions and inquiries from the shareholders.​

Saudi National Bank​ is pleased to receive Investor inquiries at the following numbers:

Tel: +966 12 646 4000

Fax: +966 12 646 4466


Shareholders Affairs:​

Investor Relations: I​​​

Inquiries may also be submitted at our postal address:

Saudi National Bank 
King Fahd Road 3208 - Al Aqeeq District Unit No.778
Zip Code 13519 – Additional No. 6676
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Frequently Asked Question

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  • Whom shall I call if I did not receive my share dividends ?

    ​If you are a registered shareholder at the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), call SNB. You can also submit any of your queries to SNB either through phon​e or Email. If your shares are deposited at a brokerage firm, call your own broker directly and raise any questions regarding your accrued dividend payments.

  • Whom shall I call in respect of changing the address, account statements, or undertaking the procedures of assignment and transferring the share ownership ?

    ​If you are a registered shareholder at the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), call your broker directly. Any change in the address shall be promptly notified, since all correspondence, including the deposit of dividends, is sent to the address registered at the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul).

  • What is the SNB code at the different stock exchanges and financial markets according to which its shares are traded ?

    ​The code is SNB "180" at the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul).

  • What are the SNB independent auditing companies ?

    SNB auditing companies are:

    1. KPMG Al-Fozan & Al-Sadhan.
    2. Ernst & Young
  • What is the number of SNB shares ?

    ​SNB number of shares is 3 billion.

  • How can I contact the SNB Investor Relations ?

    You can contact the Investor Relations as follows:

    Phone: +966 12 646 4000

    Fax: +966 12 646 4466

    Email:, and you can also send a letter to:

    The Saudi National Bank 

    Board of Directors General Secretariat – Investor Relations

    PO Box 3555 Jeddah 21481 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • How can I have a copy of the annual report? And where can I learn about the previous financial statements of the Saudi National Bank?

    ​We strongly advise you to make use of the internet to find more and/or download the financial statements you need directly from the website. Moreover, you can review the financial statements on the website of the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)​

  • What is the scheduled time for holding the next annual general assembly ?

    ​The annual general assembly is usually held in March or April every year according to the board of directors’ decision. The scheduled time is always announced on the website of the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul). Materials related to agencies are sent to the shareholders one month before the scheduled time of the meeting. For more details, refer to the event agenda.

  • What is the next scheduled time for announcing the profits ?

    ​Please refer to the event agenda (the bank announcements on Tadawul website) to review the agenda, including the most important scheduled times.

  • What is the fiscal year of the Saudi National Bank ?

    ​The SNB fiscal year ends with the end of calendar year. Consequently, the quarters end on the following dates: 31st of March, 30th of June, 30th of September, and 31st of December every year.

  • How can I purchase SNB shares ?

    ​The Saudi National Bank shares can be purchased, sold, or traded through a certified broker or generally through financial institutions that provide stock brokerage services.



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