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SNB is committed to protecting genuine whistleblowers from retaliation in order for them to provide protected disclosures, as concerns and doubts are reported anonymously and all referrals are treated with strict confidentiality through whistleblowing channels, with due care not to reveal the whistleblower's identity.

  • Whistleblowing



* Report malpractice for any violations committed or about to be committed for the purpose of combating the fraud, embezzlement, corruption cases, bribery and illegal conduct

As part of our continuous enhancement to the communication with the stakeholders,

We have established a channel to report any malpractices that may violate the principles and values of the bank that have a negative impact on the bank’s financial interests, assets, investors ’assets, or bank’s clients through the following channels:-

Early Malpractice Reporting hotline: 012-646-3514

By sending an E-mail to:

Mailing Address:

  King Abdullah Financial City 

  Saudi National Bank building, 12th floor 

  Internal investigations and AB and C, Compliance Group 

  ​P.O Box 3208, Unit No. 778, Postal Code 13519

Or you may submit all Witnessed details ​through "Whistleblowing submission form".

Go to "Whistleblowing submission form​​​​" to submit and complete you report