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SNB Rowad Program


Program Overview 

The "SNB Rowad" program prepares distinguished graduates in various disciplines to work in the Saudi National Bank and enable them to progress into leadership positions. The program is designed in cooperation with strategic partners to offer a unique experience, preparing the future leaders through a 12-month learning journey!

And because the competencies attracted to this program are distinguished and academically superior, the program invests in their individual strengths through a practical and applied learning journey, using advanced methods and tools that provide them with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required of tomorrow's banking leader!

The graduate of the "SNB Rowad" program is a banker with a comprehensive practical understanding of the banking industry. Each one of them is a role model who is aware of their national role. The graduate will possess the tools that enable them to influence, develop, and overcome the increasing challenges, will be capable of growing in various departments within the bank, and will be ready to take on greater leadership and strategic roles in the future!

Program Objective

The "SNB Rowad" program is one of the strategic programs of the Saudi National Bank. The program provides the bank with promising Saudi talents, which gradually grow within, share its vision and goals, believe in its values, model its ethics and behaviors, passionate and ambitious.

The "SNB Rowad" program is not a traditional Saudization and graduates' employment program. Rather, "SNB Rowad" program is the first choice for national ambitious​ in the banking industry!

Program Strategic Partners


Harvard Business Publishing (HBP), wholly owned by Harvard University and Harvard Business School, has delivered dynamic learning experiences globally for more than 100 years. Through this partnership, the "SNB Rowad" program will adopt the Learning ecosystems of Harvard University, which will provide the trainees with solid practical learning experiences that build the trainees’ ability, productivity, speed of delivery, and the skills required to compete in an era of continuous change.


Kaplan Professional ME, part of Kaplan Inc. A leader in comprehensive training solutions for financial professional certification programs. Through this partnership, we enrich the content of the "SNB Rowad" program with the best financial and technical programs to enable graduates to be pioneers in digitalization and banking industry.

Program Content

In collaboration with our partners at Harvard and Kaplan, the program offers a comprehensive learning experience covering the following topics:

  • Retail and Wholesale Banking, Banking Products, and Banking Strategy

  • Treasury, Finance, Investment, and Business Acumen

  • Digital Banking, Data Science, and Digital Transformation

  • Compliance, Banking Regulations, Ethics, and Code of Conducts

  • Relationship Management, Customer Centricity, and Customer Experience

  • Operational Excellence, Governance, and Risk Management

  • Leadership, Negotiations, Influencing, Communications, Problem Solving, Judgment & Decision Making

  • Experimental Learning, Action Learning, Simulations, Coaching & Mentorship, and Self-Lead Learning and Research.

Program Pathway

Step # 1:      Acceptance of Applications and Selection of Candidates

Step # 2:      Trainees Recruitment and Onboarding

Step # 3:      Attending a blended learning program for ten months

Step # 4:      Attending Hands-on Training, and Graduation Project for two months

Step # 5:      Graduation, and joining a department at SNB

Step # 6:      Enrollment in SNB Talent Development Programs to continue the growth journey within the bank

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Program Acceptance Criteria

ü  The participant should be a fresh graduate;

ü  Shall not be a full-time employee with any entity during the program;

ü  Have a bachelor's or master's degree in a related discipline such as management, finance, law, science, technology, or engineering from a local or international university accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;

ü  Fully proficient in Arabic and English;

ü  Willing to relocate to Riyadh during the duration of the program (12 months).
The bank covers travel and accommodation expense;

ü  Successfully passes the interview, tests, and assessments administered by the SNB.

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At SNB, we recognize that to have the great leaders of tomorrow, we have to attract ambitious and driven Saudi individuals today. For that, we are committed to invest time and efforts and continue having a unique and state of art graduate program as one of our main competitive advantages. To us, the program represents nothing less than our long-term success investing in our people.

As part of our ongoing commitment to achieve excellence and support one of the strategic goals of the bank to be the Employer of Choice, we are proud to launch the Rowad AlAhli Program; aimed to attract and retain Top Saudi talents to satisfy the bank's human capital needs. Competitive by nature, Rowad AlAhli program is designed to create a competitive advantage that distinguishes us from our local competitors.

Rowad AlAhli is as always, anticipated to be in large demand as it revolves around preparing real bankers with round up skills to meet the current and future financial challenges through continuous development throughout the year.

Our Aim

Rowad AlAhli Program aims to attract high potential graduates and prepare them for future positions within the Bank.

Assessment Center Experience

We provide the candidates a chance to be part of a structured Assessment Center by undertaking series of exercises, which include Numerical and Verbal Reasoning, Occupational Personality Questionnaire and Motivational-related tests. The Assessment Center Experience helps candidates familiarize themselves with their strengths and weaknesses therefore they can develop their skills as they build their career.

Terms and Conditions

  • Rowad AlAhli contract will last for 8 months (during which you will not be able to terminate the contract until the completion of this period). 
  • Upon successful completion of the 8 months training, trainees will be confirmed at entry level. 
  • Underperformers will be automatically taken out of the Program
  • The Program's training will be located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Failure to meet the qualifications stated above, is a ground for disqualification

What we Look for:

This is a Program designed to develop high potential Saudi Nationals, and hence, we look for candidates who:

  • Are fresh University graduates (Bachelors or Masters).
  • Not currently working.
  • Able to relocate to Jeddah for the duration of the Program (20 months), with accommodation expenses covered by SNB.
  • Have excellent quantitative, analytical skills.
  • Have the ability to work well under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Have the aptitude to synthesize large amounts of information and develop innovative solutions.
  • Are adaptable, able to manage projects independently and ready to assume a high level of responsibility as a member of a team.
  • Have a well-rounded academic background.
  • Are fluent in both Arabic and English.
  • Work well in teams, with good communication skills and a high energy level.

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