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SNB Sustainability Practices:

  1. Switching off the lights at 7:00 p.m. on daily basis during working days in the main buildings; SNB Head Office and IT Building.
  2. Using LED lamps instead of incandescent bulbs which saves the energy by 80%
  3. SNB is certified by the environment Management System.
  4. Paper recycling.
  5. There are centralized printers in each floor to reduce usage of  papers.
  6. Using a solar water boiler system in the Bank’s building in different regions to be less dependent on electricity.
  7. Using safety & energy saving window film which controls the heat and energy costs.
  8. Air curtains are a huge energy saving as they help in maintaining comfortable indoor temperature.
  9. SNB buying furniture from environmentally sustainable vendors. 
  10. Providing all the water tabs with sensors to save water .