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Providing training and support for young nationals.


AlAhli Job Opportunities Programs

The AlAhli Job Opportunities Program seeks to help our society:

  1. By providing young nationals with the training and support necessary for a career in banking with NCB.
  2. By supporting small productive enterprises by providing them with the required studies and suitable foundation to establish as well as sustain a business.

The AlAhli Job Opportunities Programs include:​

  • AlAhli Direct Employment Program.
  • AlAhli Entrepreneurs Program.
  • AlAhli Productive Families Program.

AlAhli Direct Employment Program

This program is directly geared to providing young Saudi nationals with the qualification necessary for starting a career in the private sector. AlAhli Direct Employment Program has helped 7,847 young men & women find jobs

The AlAhli Entrepreneurs Program

We realize the importance of small enterprises and therefore pay special attention to giving young Saudi nationals the skills to work in and or run such companies. We focus on developing their knowledge and skills in Planning, Implementation, and Management, in order to ensure a strong start.

Our program conducts three qualifying training courses offered to both genders.

  1. How to Start Your Small Business, (3,495 entrepreneurs have been trained through 156 customized training courses since 2005)
  2. How to Start Your Own Home Business, (2,366 entrepreneurs have been trained through 132 customized training courses since 2005)
  3. How to Develop Your Small Business, (376 entrepreneurs have been trained through this program since 2005) We also launched the NCB Start-up Award in an effort to support our young entrepreneurs.

The AlAhli Productive Families Program

This program mainly targets women who are the sole providers for their families or those who are members of low-income families. We aim at qualifying these women by teaching them vocational crafts so that they are able to actively contribute to their families, and secure a steady source of income.(9,904 women have been trained through 414 customized training courses since 2006)​

The program also assists in obtaining easy loans and secures all required craft materials

Entrepreneurs Support Project

  1. NCB Start-Up Award
    The Award was launched in 2009 and aims to motivate small businesses to achieve more and to implement the Saudization concept within their organizations. 43 companies were nominated for the award during at the Global Competitiveness Forum in 2011 & 2012.
  2. NCB Supporting Small Business Program
    This project was launched in 2011. The program aims at supporting small productive enterprises by providing them with the required studies and the proper foundations to establish and sustain their business. The program supported more than 76 pioneer business men in 2011.
  3. NCB Financing Small Projects
    This Programs is for graduates who want to start up their own small projects. NCB helped 81 ​entrepreneurs to start small businesses.

NCB Micro Loans Project

This project aims at providing the trainees with financial support in order to increase their productivity (271 micro loans have been provided since 2009).

NCB Charity Stabilization Project

This project aims at enabling charity organizations to provide handicraft training (14 charity organizations have been equipped with 16 training rooms throughout the kingdom).

NCB Hand Craft Incubator Project

This project aims at to enable master craftsmen within the heritage industry to overcome administrative, financial, and technical obstacles by offering marketing assistance to help them sell their products (86 ladies benefited from this project in 5 cities throughout the kingdom).​​