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In fulfillment of our commitment towards our beloved country, and our obligation to play an effective role in building our community and empowering our citizens, SNB designed "Ahalina" programs for corporate responsibility, which supports different segments of the society by providing educational and training opportunities to beneficiaries from both genders and supporting them for a brighter and safer future.

Our Vision

To be the leading bank in contributing to social responsibility.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, effective, renewable and non-profit programs in support of the development of the nation and enhance the bank's social progress.


The solid relationship between SNB and the community is manifested in its ongoing efforts to get involved in different social issues and providing support for the community. Since its inception, the bank has been keen on the programs of community service and contributing to the efforts devoted to national development in the social field. These contributions of the bank have been significantly developed over time and 2004 was the real turning point in the institutional work in the field of social responsibility when the bank's board of directors decided to establish an independent department for serving the community together with developing and carrying out some of the specialized programs in this connection, considering that SNB is the first national bank in the Kingdom in terms of leadership in many relevant fields. In recognition of such leadership, SNB was honored as the first Saudi bank that demonstrates interest in serving the community in several sectors, including those related to health, education, social sectors, etc. Since then, the Department of Corporate Social Responsibility has been the driving force for the activities of social support that the bank introduced as an ongoing endeavor to pinpoint the needs of the community and how to properly meet them. This role of SNB does not emanate from the calculations of profits, but it do emanate from being a vital part of the local community. Awareness and commitment to social responsibilities are the key pillars of the SNB's strategy. Hence, SNB seeks constantly to enhance its social role and develop the services and programs it offers through establishing successful partnerships with different government and private sectors and with other organizations for social action in the Kingdom on the basis of such genuine belief that the consolidation of all our efforts is the prerequisite for achieving sustainable development of the community.

​"Ahalina" programs include:

1. Microfinance Program:

The program is a socio-economic project that provides women with interest-free financing to establish commercial projects that guarantee them improved income and empowerment, which contributes to reducing poverty and unemployment.

2. Handcraft Production Program: 

The program aims to train women in handicrafts, focusing on designs that produce competitive local products, including souvenirs to tourists, and market them through effective channels. 


3. Entrepreneurship Program: 

The program aims to develop, train and support entrepreneurs with distinct ideas in Saudi Arabia by attracting, embracing, and financing entrepreneurs and providing them with the skills, expertise, and resources necessary to build their projects and establish sustainable, flourishing, and influential companies. 


4. Co-Workspace Program: 

The program provides joint workspaces by attracting start-up entrepreneurs and embracing them in a flexible work environment and a vital community to benefit from the exchange of experiences. It also provides administrative services that help entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses and raises the efficiency of joint workspace.


5. Community Investment Program: 

The program supports the economic enablement of non-profit organizations to implement community projects. It also intends to build and develop the capabilities of non-profit organizations and raise their capabilities to provide sustainable programs and solutions for community empowerment.


6. Voluntary Program: 

The program aims to invest in SNB's employee capacities by engaging them in various voluntary activities meeting the actual needs of the community. 


7. The Saudi National Bank Housing Project:

Through the bank strategic partnership with the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Hosing, the project offers fully furnished housing units ready for immediate housing, that's provided to the most needy in the community who are registered in the lists of applicants for the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Hosing programs to obtain decent housing.


8. Community Support:
SNB intends to extend its reach into activities and events by setting goals to effectively govern and direct those contributions to have a positive impact on the community. 


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