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The Saudi National Bank Welcomes the “SNB Rowad” Program- Cohort 1 Graduates

Monday, 21 February, 2022

In Partnership with Harvard and Kaplan, the Program Qualifies Promising National Talents

The Saudi National Bank Welcomes the "SNB Rowad" Program - Cohort 1 Graduates

"Part of the inauguration ceremony of the first batch of the SNB-Rowad Program"

SNB has welcomed the Cohort 1 graduates of the upgraded version of the "SNB Rowad" Program, which the Bank recently launched following the merger's completion. In collaboration with Harvard and Kaplan, the new version of the program attracts, trains, and develops distinguished national talents and prepares them to lead the future of the banking sector through a rich scientific and practical training journey.


Mr. Saeed bin Mohammed AlGhamdi, Managing Director and Group CEO of SNB, stated that "the Bank consistently seeks to build a rich work environment that drives performance, innovation, and development, making it the first employer of choice for distinguished graduates to begin their career and move up the leadership positions with merit and effectiveness. In the same, they participate with SNB in achieving its role in the Kingdom's economic transformation journey and achieving a quantum leap in the Saudi banking sector, as the Bank's strategy is consistent with Saudi Vision 2030 and its programs."


Mr. Mutlaq AlAnezi, SNB's Group Chief Human Resources Officer, stated that the SNB Rowad Program aims to train 100 graduates during 2022 in various areas to work in the Bank and move up its leadership positions. He pointed out that the program has been designed and prepared in collaboration with strategic partners, utilizing the latest theories and methods of vocational education and training to build the advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies required of tomorrow's bankers.

"The program has attracted large numbers of distinguished graduates. Cohort 1 consisted of the best applicants based on academic qualifications, skills, competencies, passing admission tests and personal interviews with the Bank leaders from various departments. Skills and personality tests as well as assessment centers in SNB are administered in collaboration with its strategic partner, SHL, a global leader in talent management," he added. "The training program, in partnership with both Harvard and Kaplan, contributes to providing trainees, during their first year, with the tools that enable them to influence and overcome the growing contemporary challenges, as well as a comprehensive understanding of banking and modern technologies, which enables them to grow in different departments within the Bank and assume greater leadership and strategic roles in the future," he continued. "Working with training program graduates does not end with the first year of training, but continues throughout the Talent Development Program, which aims to improve each graduate's professional development and high performance in the first three years of their careers in the departments they joined," he added.

It is worth noting that one of SNB's Human Resource priorities is to promote high performance for all of its employees. The Bank is committed to the continuous development of its work environment, ensuring the continuous development of services and programs provided to its clients, and preparing a second generation of Saudi leaders who will ensure the continuity of its business and the achievement of its short and long-term objectives. "SNB Rowad" is an extension of a suite of training programs that offer carefully designed development opportunities.