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SNB Ranks First in Digital Banking in the Middle East

Wednesday, 7 June, 2023

Awards Validate SNB's Strategy as the Premier Digital Bank

SNB Ranks First in Digital Banking in 

the Middle East

​​​​​In line with its strategic vision to become the leading digital bank, the Saudi National Bank (SNB) has achieved yet another milestone, reaffirming its position as a frontrunner in the indust​ry. The bank's ability to successfully undergo a comprehensive digital transformation on both local and regional levels has been recognized through multiple prestigious awards bestowed upon it by reputable entities specializing in assessing various aspects of financial services.

Global Finance announced that SNB has won three awards in the Middle East which are the Best UX Design, Best Smartphone Compatible Banking Website, and Most Banking-Service Innovating Bank awards.

​​Omar Yassine receives SNB's recognition award for winning Global Finance Awards

SNB has also received other awards from Global Finance, which are the Best Retail Digital Bank, Best Integrated Banking Website, Most Banking-Service Innovating Bank in the KSA and Best Corporate Banking App. In addition to the aforementioned awards, SNB was awarded the Best Digital UX Bank in the KSA by The Banker.

The Awards are widely acknowledged as being among the most prestigious and transparent accolades in the realm of banking. They serve as a true reflection of the performance and competitiveness of SNB both at the local and regional levels. Moreover, they signify the bank's unequivocal readiness to compete on a global scale, which is further bolstered by the successful initiation and advancement of various digital initiatives and projects. The awards substantiate SNB's leadership in digital banking, a pivotal strategic objective within its comprehensive digital transformation efforts. Placing customer experience at the forefront, SNB prioritizes the provision of banking services that meet the evolving needs of its esteemed clientele, while ensuring seamless facilitation of financial transactions.

​Omar Yassine, the Group Chief Digital Officer at SNB, expressed that the bank plays a crucial role in advancing the digital banking industry. He stated, "The Bank has a key role in developing the digital banking industry by continuing to provide advanced and innovative e-services and apps, and by offering the solutions needed to meet the customers' changing needs." Yassine further highlighted that SNB's selection as an award recipient signifies the bank's notable achievements and distinguished track record in delivering exceptional digital banking services within the Kingdom.

Yassine added that the financial sector is poised to experience accelerated development following the introduction of the open banking system and the rang​e of advanced services and technologies that will be made available to customers. This will elevate the level of competitiveness while fostering an environment that encourages innovation, excellence, and collaboration between banks and FinTech companies. The ultimate aim is to align with the objectives outlined in the Financial Sector Development Program in the Kingdom.

This prestigious recognition, conferred by a specialized and highly credible group, serves as a significant endorsement of SNB's standing. It continually reinforces the bank's ability to earn the trust of an increasing number of customers at the national and regional levels. The awards were granted based on stringent criteria, which assessed SNB's digital banking strategy of providing a majority of customer transactions through digital channels, while ensuring the delivery of top-quality services. SNB's success lies in its effective promotion of these channels, resulting in the expansion of its customer base and operations within this digital realm. Moreover, the bank has demonstrated its capability to derive tangible benefits from its digital initiatives, as well as its adeptness in designing user-friendly internet and mobile applications that streamline financial banking services and operations.