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Financial Institution Banking

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Financial Institution Banking

Financial Institution Banking 

Among all ME banks, SNB has maintained the dominant position in international banking as represented by the bank's long-standing correspondent banking relationship with over 900 international banks worldwide. 

Its mandate is to open, develop, manage and monitor all Nostro/Vostro account arrangements and reciprocity; review and update SNB's schedule of tariffs, pricing and terms and conditions; compile and disseminate L/C exchange information, control and monitor SNB's overseas Representative Offices [Singapore, Korea, and China] attend to all international operations issues addressed by correspondent banks, domestic divisions and customers; develop a comprehensive global country limit review procedure and establish country limits; recommend appropriate credit limits in addition to the following:

  • Manage a network of correspondents providing services for outward business generated by the domestic customers of SNB. It seeks to provide the highest quality service at the best price

  • Provide cash management services and processing inward payments received from correspondent banks overseas, through opening and managing other financial institutions accounts with SNB

  • Advise, confirm and discount Letters of Credit in favor of Saudi exporters on behalf of partner banks  

  • Provide project-related guarantees in favor of Saudi beneficiaries in coordination with partner banks and bond applicants. . 

  • Develop cross border lending opportunities including oil import post shipment finance where these are within strategic goals.

  • Ensure considerate compliance of KYC/AML for all relationships. 


The Saudi National Bank Financial Institutions Department,SNB Tahlia, Prince Mohd Bin Abdulaziz Street (Previously Tahlia Street).


​Address: PO Box 3555, Jeddah 21481, KSA


​(966) 12 610 7091 &  (966) 12 -610 7081


​(966) 12 263 0061​