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Opening a current account for an Establishment / Company (Owned by an individual) has never been easier

Now, Our Saudi client's establishment / company (Owned by an individual) can open current accounts online for their establishments / companies (Owned by an individual) at their convenience anytime & anywhere without the need to visit a branch, provide any documents or physical signature.

All what you need to do is to fill in the Open Establishment / Company (Owned by an individual) Account form, and authenticate your information via "National IAM Platform".

Steps to open your establishment’s current account:

1.     Click on: Account Opening Establishment / Company (Owned by an individual).

2.     Enter the Establishment / Company (Owned by an individual) details and Owner for Establishment / Company (Owned by an    individual) information and accept the Terms and Conditions.

3.     Enter the One Time Password sent to the entered mobile number.

4.     Fill in the required information.

5.     Customer will authenticate account opening form using the owner credentials of  "National IAM Platform".

6.     A screen will pop up to confirm that "Your Digital Current Account has been successfully opened".

7.     Choose your "Corp ID" and "User ID" to Register for SNB eCorp.

8.     Enter 4 digits for IVR.

9.     Enter 4 digits for Mada Card.

10.   You will receive your Mada card to the registered National Address under your Entity, or you can request it through any SNB Self-Services machines.


The below requirements must be fulfilled to open a current account for your Establishment / Company (Owned by an individual):

1.     The owner of the Establishment / Company (Owned by an individual) must be of Saudi nationality.

2.     The owners of the Establishment / Company (Owned by an individual) must be registered with the government's Absher system.

3.     The Establishment / Company (Owned by an individual) National Address must be registered with Saudi Post.