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AlAhli Deposit Card

Alahli Deposit Card is an efficient service designed around the clients’ business needs, which helps them managing physical cash more effectively around the clock across the Kingdom. With this innovative service the clients can perform cash deposits at any NCB deposit ATM machines around the clock. 

The AlAhli Deposit Card Features include:

  • More than 900 cash deposit ATMs across the Kingdom. 
  • No more waiting in queue for clients to deposit cash at tellers. 
  • Minimize the risks of keeping overnight cash at client’s premises. 
  • Online tracking of deposits via card holder’s ID number. 

The AlAhli Deposit Card Benefits include:

  • Around the clock service. 
  • Flexible daily deposit limit for each account. 
  • Card is deposit-enabled only. 
  • Unique PIN code for each card. 
  • Deposit slip confirmation displaying deposit amount only. 

How To Apply?

For more information call NCB's Cash Management Number: 920024288 ​​​​​