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Quick and easy way to manage payments


SNB's Direct Debit Solution

SNB provides corporate clients with the most effective and efficient method of processing regular and periodic payments. SNB's Direct Debit is a quick and easy way to manage payments (e.g. bills, installments, subscriptions ...etc) without having to visit a bank.

SNB's Direct Debit Schemes

SNB's Direct Debit Solution is used for bill collection by various businesses including:

  • service providers
  • insurance companies
  • utility providers
  • finance companies
  • leasing companies
  • automobile companies

Direct Debit is recognized as the most cost effective and efficient method for bill collection.

SNB's Direct Debit benefits companies by:

  • Bypassing the detailed reconciliation process
  • Reducing front-office costs like stationery and postage
  • Greater predictability in cash flow

sNB's Direct Debit benefits the Payer in the following ways:

  • A simple, safe and convenient method of payment
  • Settlement of bills as and when they fall due
  • No visits to the Bank
  • No further need to write out and mail cheques
  • Reduced risk of financial penalties and/or termination ​​

How To Apply?

For more information call SNB's Cash Management Number:​ 920024288