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Letter of Guarantee

Letter of Guarantee (LG): is a written undertaking issued by the Saudi National Bank upon its client request, payable at the first call for certain amount or is subject to be fully assigned to the beneficiary during the letter of guarantee validity period.

Letters of Guarantee offered by The Saudi National Bank include:

  • Bid bond (tender) Guarantee

  • Final Guarantee

  • Performance Guarantee

  • Advance Payment Guarantee

  • Financial Guarantee

  • Custom Guarantee

  • Zakat Guarantee

  • Hajj & Umrah Guarantee

  • Study Guarantee

  • License Guarantee (for individuals)

Request to add Government Beneficiary to the list

  • If there is no government beneficiary in the client's list, please contact us on the toll-free number 920024288 or email to add the beneficiary.

About the service

This service allows the Saudi National Bank corporates and establishments to apply for Letters of Guarantee instantly through SNB eCorp and receive the original print out of the LG from SNB branch of their choice.

To help our clients understand how to apply for Letter of Guarantee, we have prepared this user guide in the link

Service Conditions

  • Client must subscribe to SNB eCorp (free of charge service from this link).

  • Client must provide 100% cash guarantee.

  • Guarantee must be issued in favor of a Government Beneficiary.

  • LG purpose must comply with the client activity (as per the Commercial Registration)

 Important Notes

  • It is not a prerequisite to register in SNB eTrade to issue a Letter of Guarantee with 100% cash guarantee.

  • The printed copy of the LG must be obtained from SNB branch of the client's choice.

About the service

This service allows the beneficiaries to verify the validity of the guarantee that has been issued by The Saudi National Bank.

Please Click here to fill the Disclaimer

I undertake and fully accept that the original Letter of Guarantee issued to me by the Saudi National Bank - as a beneficiary - is in my custody, and I undertake to provide accurate and valid information in the guarantee application at the Bank's website, and I shall be held liable for any violation thereof.

Letter of Guarantees through Etimad

This service enables customers from both private and government sectors to manage their letter of guarantees in a single platform throughout an integration between Saudi Banks and the Government Tenders and Procurement System.

​​The Saudi National Bank is supporting letter of guarantee service through Etimad platform, where SNB has clearly positioned itself as one of the earliest banks in integrating with such a service. This comes with our directions of supporting the Saudi Vision 2030 of promoting the digital transformation, improving work efficiency, and increasing projects effectiveness towards fulfilling the needs of the national economy.


Service Benefits:

This service directly contributes in facilitating the operational procedures, verifying financial transactions for government organizations, and uplifting the transparency in government tendering process by integrating it with the banking sector to provide the following services digitally:

  • ​​​​​Applicant Services:​
        • ​​​Issuance of letters of guarantee
    • ​​Government Beneficiaries' Services:
          • ​​​​​Cancelling letters of guarantee; including auto-cancellation for excluded bid bond LGs after awarding the tender.

    ​* For more information, please visit Etimad website or download the user manual​.