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SADAD AlAhli enables customers to conveniently and securely pay their bill and Ministry of Interior (MOI) fees instantly through all of SNB's banking channels 24/7.


You can pay your bills and governmental fees any time through our banking channels:

  • AlAhliOnline

  • AlAhli ATM

  • AlAhliPhone  ( +966-92000-1000 )

  • AlAhliMobile

  • Branches  ​

Non SNB customer can use our cash deposit machines to make bill payments instantly 24/7.


  • ​​Services & Communications​
    • 001 Saudi Telecom
    • 002 Saudi Electricity Company
    • 005 Mobily
    • 044 Zain telecommunication company
    • 033 Go Telecom (Etihad Atheeb Telecom Company)
    • 014 “Bravo""
    • 003 NCCI
    • 004 Maraliq
    • 015 Ministry of water and Electncity
    • 055 Integrated Telecom Company
    • 085 Al-Elm Information Security
    • 107 Smart Cash
    • 135 Saudi E-Tabadul Company
    • 138 National Water Company
    • 148 National Gas and Industrialization Company
    • 151 Virgin Mobile
    • 157 Mawarid Manpower Solutions Company
    • 167 Saudi Manpower Solutions Co.
    • 184 Etihad Jawraa for telecommunication & IT - LEBARA
    • 186 Lean Business Services Company
    • 506 Mayar Foods Company
    • 511 NUPCO
    • 518 Aramex
    • 519 Sigma Paints Saudi Arabia Ltd
    • 521 Hapag-Lloyd Saudi Limited
    • 525 Saudi Automotive Services Company
    • 532 AbdulRahman AlNaim Consultant
    • 534 الربيعة للاستشارات الهندسية
    • 540 Engineering House of Expertise and Partner
  • MOI
    • 090 MOI-Alien Control
    • 091 MOI-Driving License
    • 092 MOI-Saudi Passport
    • 093 MOI-Traffic Violation
    • 094 MOI-Motor Vehicle
    • 095 MOI-Labour Importation
    • 096 MOI-Civil Registration
    • 097 MOI-Refund Inquiry
    • 126 MOI-Deportation Sentences
    • 127 MOI-Deportation Control
  • Secretariats & Municipalities
  • Governmental Services
    • 013 Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    • 019 JEDDAH Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • 020 The Department of Zakat & Income Tax
    • 021 Saudi Post
    • 030 Saudi Customs
    • 035 Cadre Economic Cities
    • 036 Saudi Credit Bureau [SIMAH]
    • 040 Real Estate Development Fund
    • 042 Communications and Information Technology Commission
    • 045 The Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank
    • 046 Royal Commission at Yanbu
    • 049 Saudi Arabian Standards Organization
    • 050 Ministry of Labor
    • 051 Ministry of Culture and Information
    • 057 General Commission for Tourism and Antiquities
    • 058 Saudi Credit and Saving Bank
    • 060 The General Organization for Social Insurance [GOSI]
    • 066 Global Goodness [MOSA]
    • 068 The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon)
    • 073 Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • 075 Ministry of Transport
    • 077 Assemblies of Teaching Koran
    • 088 Ministry of Finance
    • 089 Saudi Ports Authority
    • 098 The General Authority of Civil Aviation
    • 105 King Abdulaziz City of Sciences & Technology
    • 106 Taibah University
    • 109 Saudi Food & Drug Authority
    • 114 Abha Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    • 116 Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources
    • 117 King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minirals
    • 122 TAWZEA
    • 128 Ministry of Health
    • 129 Saudi Commission for Health Specialists
    • 130 Bupa Arabia
    • 133 Saudi Heart Association
    • 137 Saudi Electronic University
    • 139 ASHARQIA Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • 141 Government e_procurment portal
    • 142 Human Resources Development Fund Programs
    • 143 Saudi Industrial Development Fund
    • 145 Industrial Cities Development and Operating Co
    • 146 Royal Commission of Jubail
    • 153 EJAR
    • 154 Economic Cities Authority
    • 160 Ministry of Justice
    • 161 Ministry of Haj and Umrah
    • 169 Ministry of Justice Execution Agency
    • 170 Arabian Agricultural Services Company
    • 171 Ministry of Housing
    • 177 Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
    • 183 Saudi Airlines Cargo Co. LLC
    • 199 Takamol Holding Company
  • Financial Sectors
  • Computer & Internet
  • Travels & Entertainments
    • 022 Saudi Arabian Airline
    • 026 FlyNas
    • 032 OSN
    • 120 Saudi Railways
    • 150 SAPTCO
    • 181 Flyadeal
    • 191 Saudi Railway Company
    • 193 Nesma Airlines
  • Media & Education​
    • ​​Qiyas (Biller Code 008)
    • King Abdul Aziz University (Biller Code 009)
    • Arab Open University (Biller Code 017)
    • AlYamamah Press Establishment (Biller Code 047)
    • AL-Jazirah Newspaper (Biller Code 053)
    • Al-Yamamah University (Biller Code 072)
    • Dar Alyawm for Press & Media (Biller Code 074)
    • Arab Media Company (Biller Code 076)
    • King Saud University (Biller Code 080)
    • Al Majd TV Channels (Biller Code 081)
    • King Faisal University (Biller Code 118)
    • Umm Al Qura University (Biller Code 132)​ ​​​​​​​​​​

Pay your bills or recharge your mobile through 

AlAhli Mobile Campaign

Offer Expired

Campaign Period

Starting from 26/03/2023 to 24/05/2023​


Target Segments

All individual SNB customers participating in the competition.


Campaign Details

Enable SNB customers participating in the competition to automatically enter the draw and win one of the announced prizes.


Channels through which entry into the competition is accepted

The following SNB channels:

• SNB Mobile App


Competition Prizes

The draw will be for 302 winners according to specific conditions that will enable them to win the following prizes:

  • 2 Toyota Raize Car - Grand Prize
  • 300 cash prizes for each winner to be credited to the customer's account, as follows:
  • 250 SAR for 150 winners
  • 500 SAR for 100 winners
  • 1000 SAR for 50 winners


How customers participate in the competition to win prizes

Number of SADAD transactions
Sadad Payments (Transactions basis)

Number of transactions per month to enter the draw

  • Diamond Segment: 1 Chance
  • Wessam Gold Segment: 2 Chances
  • Wessam Platinum Segment: 3 Chances

Number of transactions per month to enter the draw

4 – 5

  • Diamond Segment: 2 Chances
  • Wessam Gold Segment: 3 Chances
  • Wessam Platinum Segment: 4 Chances

Number of transactions per month to enter the draw +5

  • Diamond Segment: 3 Chances
  • Wessam Gold Segment: 4 Chances
  • Wessam Platinum Segment: 5 Chances

Recharge amountSawa Recharge (value based)
Mobile Recharge amount less than 50 SAR
  • Mass Segment: 1 chance (below 50 Riyals)
  • Gold Segment:2 chance (below 50 Riyals)
  • Platinum Segment: 3 chance  (below 50 Riyals)
Mobile recharge amount greater than 50 SAR
  • Mass Segment: 2 chance (above 50 Riyals)
  • Gold Segment: 3 chance (above 50 Riyals)
  • Platinum Segment: 4 chance  (above 50 Riyals)

Winners names will be drawn after the end of the campaign period, the names will be announced on the Twitter account of the Saudi National Bank, and by contacting the winners. SNB employees and their immediate relatives are excluded from this offer.​ 

All other terms and conditions of SADAD Campaign – Sawa AlAhli and SAMA apply and any violation of any of these terms and conditions will expose the customer to exit the competition.


SADAD Campaign -Sawa AlAhli Bank Terms and Conditions:

  1. All participating individual SNB customers are eligible to automatically enter the competition.

  2. The category covered by this media campaign: All SADAD mobile users through the following channels:( AlAhliMobile App) during the campaign period, through current account or credit card. The advertising campaign does not include SNB employees and their first-degree relatives.

  3. Repeated participation doubles the chances of winning prizes.

  4. The competition of this media campaign is: (Pay your bills or recharge your mobile phone through AlAhliMobile).

  5. The winners of the competition draw will be after the end of the campaign period.

  6. The total number of customers who will win is only (302) winners.

  7. Prize specifications may differ from those displayed in the publicity image.

  8. The customer must have a mobile number through which he can communicate to deliver the prize.

  9. The contestant who wins the grand prizes is not entitled to exchange the grand prize he has won for cash or another prize.

  10. If the contestant violates any of the terms and conditions of this competition and/or the terms of this product, SADAD system or mobile recharge, the Bank has the right to disqualify the contestant or winner at any stage of the competition, and the Bank has the right to replace him with another contestant if the Bank deems it appropriate at its absolute discretion.

  11. If the name of the contestant is repeated, only the first prize he received will be approved.

  12. The participant acknowledges his consent to the Bank's use of his name, information, display picture, or personal picture in social networking sites and others for advertising purposes without conditions or compensation and without limitation period.

  13. The Bank has the right to exclude the winning contestant in the event that he does not receive his prize from the Bank if 30 days have passed from the date of the announcement in one of the daily newspapers circulating in Saudi Arabia, or on the official website of the Saudi National Bank, or through the social networking pages of the Saudi National Bank, and the Bank has the right of its own will to replace him with another contestant if the Bank deems so.

  14. The winner is required to sign all legal documents required by the bank in order for the bank to hand over the prize.

  15. Failure to present a valid "Proof of Identity/Residence" and "Passport" is a breach of the conditions.

  16. The customer (contestant) acknowledges that the Bank's electronic records are considered as conclusive evidence in all courts, committees, and government agencies.

  17. In the event of a discrepancy between the Arabic text and the English text of these Terms and Conditions, the Arabic text shall prevail.

  18. In case the winner violates the terms and conditions, the Bank has the right to withdraw the prize immediately.​

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the benefits of a SADAD Account ?

    ​shop online and pay for your purchases directly from your account without a credit or debit card.​

  • How can I use SADAD Account ?

    1. You need to have a Current or Savings account with NCB.

    2. Log in to your Alahlionline account.  

    3. To register, click on the SADAD Account link under the SADAD tab on Alahlionline.

    4. create a Username and Password.

    5. You can now transfer the required amount for shopping online to your SADAD Account from your Current or Savings account under the transfer section

  • Where I can register for SADAD account ?

    ​Through AlahliOnline channel. ​

  • What is the fee to register for SADAD account ?

    ​SADAD Account is free of charge.​

  • Where can I see my transaction history for SADAD account ?

    ​You can view your transaction history in Alahlionline only.​

  • Is there a limit on the amount I can transfer to my SADAD Account ?

    ​You can transfer any amount that you choose.

  • Can I transfer money from my SADAD Account back to my linked Current or Savings Account ?

    ​Yes, you can.​

  • Is there a limit on the purchase amount I can make from my NCB Account ?

    ​You can make purchases worth up to SAR 5,000 per transaction and up to a maximum of SAR 25,000 per day.​

  • Is there any limit on the number for transactions I can make with my SADAD Account ?

    ​You can make as many transactions as you want, subject to the daily limit mentioned above.​

  • Can I make purchases if there is no balance in my SADAD Account ?

    ​No, you cannot. You need to transfer funds first from your Current or Savings Account before you purchase online​


Get a chance to win cash prizes by paying a bill using SADAD service available through AlahliOnline and AlahliMobile.​

​Number of Winners​Prizes
​20 Winners5,000 SAR
​200 Winners​1,000​ SAR

Duration: from 1st August to 31st October 2018

Terms and Conditions:

  • This campaign applies to all NCB retail customers only
  • NCB employees are not eligible for the draw.
  • No specific bill type or amount is required to enter the campaign.​