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Immediate SMS notifications will be sent automatically to your registered mobile number with the following:

  • Receiving SMS notification on all current accounts and credit cards transactions
  • The message will contain the transaction’s type, amount and date.
  • Masked Account numbers in order to maintain information confidentiality according to the standard security of payment cards.

*Should you wish to cancel the service, please visit the nearest SNB branch.

Our SMS service lets you stay up-t​o-date with your accounts through simple text messaging

You will receive notifications and confirmations regarding:

  • Receipt of salary payment
  • Money transfers
  • Bill summaries and payments
  • Utility bill payments
  • IPO, Fund subscriptions, redemptions and transactions relating to your investment account performed via online banking
  • SNB​ Credit Card Transactions
  • Receive annual reminders about birthdays or anniversaries, as well as SNB general announcements.​

How to get it

Applying is Easy

If you would like to apply for AlAhliSMS Service just follow the simple steps below:

  • Login to AlAhliOnline
  • Select "AlAhliSMS"
  • Select "Bank Account"
  • Fill in the fields on the screen

To change SMS notifications simply:

  • Login to AlAhliOnline
  • Select "AlAhliSMS"
  • Select "Credit Card"
  • Select "Credit Card Number"
  • Select "Notification Type" and choose your desired notification
  • Select "Update" to save​​


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  • Do I have to pay for this SMS service on my credit card?

    ​There is no charge for this service.​​

  • Which mobile number will you send the SMS notification to?

    ​The mobile number that has been registered at AlAhlionline with AlAhliSMS.​​

  • What details will I receive on my SMS when I make a transaction?

    ​The mobile number that has been registered at AlAhlionline with AlAhliSMS.​​​

  • Which mobile number will you send the SMS notification to?

    ​Depending o​n your selection:

    Your SMS Details contain complete transaction information such as the transaction amount, Merchant name, transaction time and Card Balance Short Notifications only contain the transaction amount and Saudi National Bank contact info.​​​

  • Will there be SMS notification for supplementary card transactions?

    ​Yes, there will be notifications to the primary cardholders registered mobile number.​​

  • How can I subscribe to this service?

    ​You are automatically subscribed to the short notification SMSs. You can subscribe to the detailed SMS via AlAhlionline.​​

  • I do not want to receive this service, what should I do?

    If you wish to cancel the service permanently, please visit your nearest SNB branch or call 920001000 then press 7, then 2.​

  • What do I have to do if need to do if I receive a SMS regarding a transaction that I didn't make?

    ​Kindly call +966920001000​​​​