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​​Lak Program

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With AlAhli Credit Card, enter “LAK” world that was designed specially to meet your needs with rewards and exclusive features. 

“LAK” Program offers you a world of privileges entitling you to earn “LAK” points with every Saudi Riyal spent and you can redeem “LAK” points after registering on www.​​  and you can choose your own reward as you please from the various redemption options with AlAhli Credit Card from AlFursan Miles, hotel reservations and booking other airlines miles, e-gifts vouchers and cash back.​​

You may apply for AlAhli Credit Card now through SNB Mobile

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Earning is easy, just use your AlAhli credit card and you will be one step closer to those amazing rewards. If you hold a valid and active AlAhli credit card, you will earn “LAK” points on every purchase (local, international and/or online).

Whenever you use your AlAhli credit card, you will earn “LAK” points however, the number of points earned depends on your card segment.

Earn “LAK” points for every 1 SR spent based on the table below:​

Card Type​Local Spending ( in KSA )International Spending
MasterCard World Elite2.0 Points2.5 Points
VISA Infinite Privilege2.0 Points2.5 Points
MasterCard World2.0 Points
2.5 Points
VISA Infinite2.0 Points2.5 Points
VISA Signature2.0 Points2.5 Points
MasterCard Platinum1.5 Points2.0 Points
VISA Platinum1.5 Points2.0 Points
MasterCard Titanium1.0 Points1.5 Points
VISA (Basic)1.0 Points1.5 Points

Credit Card Fees and Charges



LAK rewards program gives you the freedom to redeem your points in any form possible based on your preference. You can transfer points to our partners (hotel, airlines), book flights and hotels, redeem cash back or request an e-gift card.

Example to show the total number of "LAK" points earned locally and internationally when spending 5,000 SR based on your credit card type and redemption options:​

​Card Type
  • MasterCard Titanium
  • Visa Basic
  • MasterCard Platinum
  • Visa Platinum
  • MasterCard World
  • MasterCard World Elite
  • Visa Signature
  • Visa Infinite
  • Visa Infinite Privilege
​Local usage Rate​1​1.5​2
​Total "LAK" points earned locally​5,000​7,500​10,000
International usage Rate​​1.5​2​2.5
​Total "LAK" points earned Internationally​7,500​10,000​12,500
​Cash Back RateSAR 40
SAR 60
SAR 80
​Hotel Reservation / Bookings rate0,01​​​ ​ ​
​Hotel Reservation / Bookings​​65 SAR​97,5 SAR​130 SAR
​AlFursan Miles rate7,000 AlFursan Miles​​​ ​ ​
​AlFursan Miles​714 AlFursan Miles​1,071 AlFursan Miles​1,429 AlFursan Miles



AlAhli credit card offers the highest cash back rate in the Kingdom: 

Get 8 SR for every 1,000 "LAK" points.


There are no restrictions on the flights you take or where you stay, and you can travel any day of the year (subject to seat availability). 

Your “LAK” points cover the costs of flight tickets with any airline, and hotel vouchers, as well as associated taxes.​


​Redemption Options​Number of “LAK” PointsRedeemed Value
Mobily 10,000 “LAK” Points​1,000 Neqaty 
Eithad Airways​8,000 “LAK” Points​1,000 Eithad Guest​
​Airline Tickets, , Hotel Bookings​1,000  “LAK” Points​SAR 10
​Saudi Airlines - AlFursan Miles​7,000 “LAK” Points​1,000 Fursan Miles
​Cash Back​10,000 “LAK” Points​SAR 80
​e-Gift Card​5,000 “LAK” Points​SAR 50 / AED 50 / USD 14
Shukrans land Mark​​6,100 "LAK Points ​1,000 Shukran​


Spend your “LAK” points on shopping and entertainment in KSA, Dubai, UAE and Lebanon, with the e-Gift Card, starting at any amount above 50 SR (equivalent to AED 50, USD 14) = 5,000 “LAK” Points. To find out more click Lakrewards

To redeem “LAK” points, simply login online or call “LAK” World Member Service Centre. If you do not have enough “LAK” points in your account to cover the price of the redemption, you can choose the 'Card Plus Points' option, which allows you to pay the difference with your AlAhli credit card. 

You can choose to redeem for the E-Gift Card of your choice which can be used at popular stores in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, and Lebanon. 

Upon your redemption, electronic E-gift Card will be delivered within 7 working days to your email address registered with us. 

Each E-Gift Card will be issued for a specific partner merchant.

Using the E-Gift Card is easy, take a printout of the E-Gift Card or carry the barcode on your smart phone for scanning when visiting a partner outlet. 

(Note: Once the barcode is scanned, any balance amount will not be refunded or carried forward)

The E-Gift Card program is growing to have more merchants in the near future. We currently have 60 participating merchants, from different countries, included in the E-Gift card program

Credit Card Fees and Charges

How Can I Earn Online "LAK” Points

By using AlAhli credit card for your e-commerce transactions, you earn online “LAK” points for every 1 SAR spent based on the card type as shown in the table below:​

​Card Type​Online Usage (1 SAR)
​MasterCard World Elite
MasterCard World
​2 “LAK” Points
​MasterCard Platinum
​1.5 “LAK” Points
MasterCard Titanium​
​1 “LAK” Point

​Examples on ways to earn “LAK” online points :


If you want to pay your postpaid bill for your mobile or landline or even want to charge your prepaid number and chose to pay by AlAhli credit card via service provider website or application if available, for example STC through or MySTC application, you earn online “LAK” points  in total of the bill amount as the table above.

But in case you chose to pay via “Sadad” reference number, you cannot earn “LAK” points.

​i.e. Telecom companies :
STC , Mobily , Zain.

Flights & Hotels Bookings:

If you booked a flight to any country for example from Saudi Airlines via or SAUDIA application and chose to pay by AlAhli credit card, you earn online “LAK” points  in total of the bookings amount as the table above.

But in case you chose to pay via “Sadad” reference number, you cannot earn “LAK” points.

i.e. SAUDIA, Fly Nas, Fly Dubai, British Airways, Saudi Railway, Jet Airways, Hotels, Booking, Emirates and more airlines and hotels bookings websites .

Online Shopping:

Any retail purchases online or through smart phone applications and paying by using AlAhli credit card, earns you “LAK” points in total of the purchases amount as the table above.​

Earning LAK Points Partners


Book your hotel stay through the direct link for Lak members and earn 4 Lak Points for every 1 SAR you spend.

LAK Points are credited to your account 8 weeks after checkout. 

For any booking enquiries email the Customer Service team at ​

Note: Lak Points will only be awarded on the above dedicated Lak page. 

Any bookings made on the regular will not be awarded Lak Points. 

•   RocketMiles

You can earn 2,000 – 40,000 Lak Points for every night you stay when booking through the Rocketmiles direct link for Lak members . 

LAK Points are credited to your account 7 working days after checkout. 

For any booking enquiries, modification or cancellation email 

or call 0017732577680 

Note: Lak Points will only be awarded on the above dedicated Lak page. 

Any bookings made on the regular Rocketmiles page/App will not be awarded Lak Points. ​

To find out more click Information about "LAK" Reward program