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​​AlAhli Credit Card​


The World is yours with AlAhli credit card! Offering the best loyalty program in the Kingdom, with flexibility of using the card and redeeming points in any form. AlAhli credit card is truly special.

With AlAhli credit card you will have the chance to conveniently redeem your earned points in any of the following options at any time:

  • Transfer points to our partners (Saudia Airlines, Hilton Honors, Mobily Neqaty, Etihad Airlines, Shukrans Land Mark) .
  • Book airline tickets or make hotel reservations
  • Transfer your points as cashback
  • Request an e-gift card​

Features and B​enefits

  • Worldwide acceptance at over 32 million merchants. 
  • Instant cash from all ATMs across the globe.
  • Interest-free payments for up to 50 days. 
  • Flexible payment options from 5% of the total to monthly installments.
  • Free travel insurance of up to SAR 750,000 against personal accident, flight cancellation, and luggage delay and loss. 
  • Additional protection with Himayati and Himayati Plus.
  • SMS notification for every transaction.
  • Full transparency with your monthly statement.
  • Cash withdrawals of up to 30% of the credit limit through ATMs and financial institutions around the world.
  • E-secure shopping service to provide greater protection when using a credit card online. 
  • Special offers and discounts. 
  • Complimentary airport lounge access at select airports.
  • Higher credit limits.
  • Higher travel coverage.
  • Mastercard and Visa Premium credit card benefits worldwide. 
  • Please visit or​​​


1. Annual Fees

Annual fee400
VAT 15%400 x 15% = 60 SAR
Total Charged (with VAT)460 SAR

2. Cash Withdrawal Commission

Cash Withdrawal
1,000 SAR
Cash Withdrawal Commission75 SAR
VAT 15% on Commission75 x 15% = 11.25 SAR
Total (With VAT) 1,086.25 SAR

3. Forex Markup

Transaction Amount 1,000 $
Conversion Rate3.75
Transaction Amount in SAR3,750 SAR
FX Mark-Up 2.75%103.12 SAR
VAT 15% on Forex Markup15.5 SAR
Total Charged (with VAT)3,868.6

4 . Credit Shield/Insurance Fees (i.e Hemyati and Hemayti plus, and applicable to credit cards only)

Outstanding amount
1,000 SAR
Hemyati 0.39%
1,000 x 0.39% = 3.9 SAR
VAT 15% on Credit Shield 3.9 x 15% = 0.6 SAR
Total Charged on Credit Shield 1,004.5  SAR

Click here to experience examples of calculating the Annual Percentage Rate for Credit Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the types of rewards in AlAhli Credit Card ?

    It provides the same rewards of the old card, but they are all combined in one AlAhli Credit Card (Amyali miles, Alfursan miles, and cashback).

    In addition, there are new rewards such as e-gifts, points transfer to our existing partners, and bonus points with our partners. 

  • Do I need to activate AlAhli credit card ?


  • Will the statement issuing date and payment due date change ?

    ​As of December 2016, statement issuing date will be fixed on the 15th of every Gregorian month, and payment due date will be fixed on the 5th of every Gregorian month following the statement date.

  • Does the new card provide services for access to airport lounges ?

    ​Yes, lounge access is provided in some airports determined by MasterCard and Visa.​​​​​

  • Does the new AlAhli Credit Card require a current account as in the case of Prepaid Card ?

    ​Yes, a client must have a current account in the Saudi National Bank (SNB)

  • Will the terms and conditions of the additional cards be amended (i.e. to be a first-degree relative, 18+ years old, and need for the additional card applicant to be present at the Bank) ?

    To apply for an additional card, an additional card applicant shall submit the following documents:

    • A copy of family register card.
    • An additional card applicant shall be 15+ years old and have an ID card.
    • An additional card applicant shall be a first-degree relative to the primary cardholder.
    • An additional card applicant shall attend personally to the Bank.
  • How much does it cost to issue and send a replacement of a credit card outside the Kingdom ?

    ​You can apply for issuing a replacement card and provide the Bank with your clear address and landline telephone number in the same request.

    Fees are SAR 350 according to the country of destination. 

  • Is the membership number for the holders of Amyali Credit Card going to be changed ?


  • How can I know my own Membership Number ?

    ​We made it easier to know your Membership Number. It is composed of 10 numbers printed out on the card under the name.

  • Do I need to register in “Lak” rewards program ?

    ​Yes, you need to register in “Lak” rewards program. All what you need is to enter your membership number, mobile number, e-mail and create a password.

  • How can I earn "Lak" points ?

    You can earn Lak Points when you use your AlAhli Credit Card in all of your retail purchases, including your online transactions. 


    A customer in Titanium Class Card who uses AlAhli Credit Card in KSA in January for local purchases in an amount of SAR 5,000 for supermarkets, restaurants, etc. will earn 5,000 Lak Points (SAR 5,000*1.0=5000 Lak Points). In February, if this customer travels outside KSA and uses AlAhli Credit Card for international purchases (such as hotels and others) in an amount of SAR 10,000, he will earn 15,000 Lak Points (SAR 10,000*1.5= 15,000 Lak Points).

    As a result of the total usage during the two above months, the Platinum Cardholder have been rewarded 20,000 Lak Points.

  • How can I benefit from the earned points ?

    ​Yes, you can choose your rewards by redeem your "Lak" points through the website: ​ Home | Lak Rewards (

  • How can I know my "Lak" balance of earned points ?

    ​You can visit the website

    or by calling customer care on 920015500

  • Is there a specific period to benefit from AlAhli Credit Card earned points ?

    ​Yes, the validity of points will expire after 2 years from the date you earn them.

  • Are there any specified dates in which I won’t be able to redeem my points to rewards ?

    ​No , you can redeem your earned LAK points anytime within the 2 Years validity of the points in your balance

  • How many points are earned for each 1 Saudi Riyal spent by AlAhli Credit Card ?

    ​Credit Card Type
    ​Points earned for each 1 Saudi Riyal spent 
    (Local Spend)​
    ​Points earned for each 1 Saudi Riyal spent 
    (International Spend)
    ​MasterCard Titanium/Visa Basic​1​1.5
    ​MasterCard Platinum/Visa Platinum​1.5​2
    ​MasterCard World/Visa Infinite and Signature​2​2.5
    ​MasterCard World Elite/VISA Infinite Privilege and Signature​2​​​2.5

  • Is there a minimum and a maximum threshold for points transfer within one month ?

    The minimum threshold for redemption is 1,000 "Lak" points and there is no maximum for any of our redemption options, only in case of Cash Back.  The minimum to redeem for Cash Back is 50,000 LAK points and the maximum is 500,000 LAK points.

    Example of Alfursan miles: the minimum threshold for is 7000 points and its multiples.

    Example of Cashback: The minimum threshold for cashback is 1000 Points and its multiples.

  • Are the points automatically recorded in AlAhli Credit Card ?

    ​Yes, they are recorded automatically and displayed in the Monthly Account Statement. 

  • What is the redemption rate of Lak rewards ?

    ​​ ​How to redeem earned points
    ​Redemption Purchases​Rate
    ​Airplane Tickets1000 Points = SAR 13​
    ​Hotels Reservations​1000 Points = SAR 13
    ​Qatar Airways’ Miles​5000 Points = 1000 Miles
    ​Malaysia Airlines’ Miles5000 Points = 1000 Miles​
    ​Singapore Airlines’ Miles5000 Points = 1000 Miles​
    ​Alfursan Saudi airlines’ Miles7000 Points = 1000 SV Miles​
    ​Cashback​10,000 Points = SAR 80
    ​E-gifts​5000 Points = SAR 50
    ​Shukran from Landmark4,500 Points = 1,000 shukrans​​

  • Can I change my mind after redemption of my points ?

    ​Subject to the Terms and Conditions, you can contact us on 920015500 to submit a cancelation request within 24 hours.

    That is because some tickets cannot be refund or cancelled and it may result in additional fees.