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Skipping Payments Cashback Card Campaign

It's now your chance to obtain SNB Cashback Credit Card without annual fees for life and without conditions or restrictions, and with an exemption from payment for the first two months. The card can be obtained through all SNB digital channels/ branches.

For a limited period, apply to obtain SNB cashback credit card through the Bank's digital channels and branches during the campaign period and avail the offer to delay the card dues payment for the first two months without fees.

Campaign period: from April 16th to May 12th 2023​

For more information, kindly visit our website or call us at 8002441005

Campaign Terms and Conditions:

  • SNB cashback credit card must be issued through the Bank's digital channels/branches.

  • SNB staff are excluded from the campaign.

  • The card due payments will be postponed for the first two months once the card is obtained during the campaign time.   

  • If the customer violates any of the terms and conditions of this campaign, and/or the terms of this product, the Saudi National Bank shall have the right to exclude the customer at any stage of the campaign and replace him/her with another customer at the Bank's absolute discretion.

  • The Bank shall have the right, at any stage, to exclude the customer immediately if it becomes apparent to the Bank that the customer has provided or entered any wrong or incorrect information, which constitutes a violation of the terms of the campaign. The customer forfeits his/her right to postpone the card's due payments, and the Bank shall have the right to replace him/her with another customer at the Bank's absolute discretion.

  • Non-submission or presentation of valid ID (Iqama/ Passport) is considered a breach of campaign's terms.

  • SNB customer acknowledges that the electronic records of SNB serves as conclusive evidence in all courts and committees and government agencies.

  • All terms and conditions or/and the agreements, its annexes and documents signed between the two parties shall apply in regards of any Bank's product or/and service.

  • In case of discrepancy or conflict between the Arabic version and the English version, the Arabic text shall prevail.

  • The winning contestant hereby grants the Saudi National Bank an irrevocable authorization without any limitations or conditions or time limit to exploit his/her name, personal picture and voice in press releases, advertising campaigns, social media, any event or occurrence, or a personal story associated with this award, and shall waive all his/her rights to any reward or financial compensation.

* Terms and conditions apply.

Annual Percentage Rate 39.29%

* SNB Cashback Card annual fees are waived for life.