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Obtain your Personal Finance through one of the following SNB channels: 

  1. SNB Mobile or AlAhliOnline (special offer on digital channels: without administrative fees and at competitive rates)

​Click the link to learn how to apply for the service in simple steps through AlAhliMobile: (link​​ to the video) 

  1. Telesales at 8002441005
  1. Fill out the below form and our service representat​ive will contact you at the soonest availability.

Terms and Conditions

NationalitySaudis & Non-Saudis.
SectorsGovernment sector or Private sector inducted companies who transfers their employee's salary through Sarie system through al Ahhli bank.
Minimum SalarySAR 3,000 Saudis & SAR 4,000 Non-Saudis.
Minimum Months on Job

1 month for Saudis in Government sector.

3 months for Saudis in the big 5 and non-Saudis in the government sectors and big private companies.

1 year for Saudis & Non-Saudis in Private sector.

Minimum Finance amount 5,000 SAR up to 1,500,000 SAR
Minimum Age18 years for Saudis & 22 years for Non-Saudis and must be less than 60 years at the date of last installment.

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