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Alahli Credit Card for Wessam that you Deserve

Given your daily aspirations for a unique lifestyle and your pursuit for the best, we offer you a sharia’a-compliant Credit Card creating a new world of privileges, services, and added value while meeting your needs with flexibility so as to choose between MasterCard.

Whether you enjoy traveling, shopping, or trips with family, you will find the card that best suits your aspirations. In addition, you will find other privileges including cash advances through more than 627,000 ATMs and acceptance at more than 21 million merchants worldwide, along with other exclusive privileges and offers.

With your Alahli Credit Card for Wessam clients, your magnificent world is all in your pocket.

Benefits and Privileges:

  1. "Lak" program membership allows you to win points when using the SNB credit card, which can be redeemed through the program's website with:
      • Transfer points to our partners (Saudia Airlines, Malaysian AirlinesHilton HonorsMobily Neqaty)
      • Book air tickets or make hotel reservations
      • Transfer your points to cash back
      • Request an e-gift card​
  2.  Worldwide acceptance at over 32 million merchants. 
  3. Instant cash from all ATMs across the globe.
  4. Interest-free payments for up to 50 days. 
  5. Flexible payment options from 5% of the total to monthly installments.
  6. Free travel insurance of up to SAR 750,000 against personal accident, flight cancellation, luggage delay and loss. 
  7. Additional protection with Himayati and Himayati Plus.
  8. SMS notification for every transaction.
  9. Full transparency with your monthly statement.
  10. Cash withdrawals of up to 30% of the credit limit through ATMs and financial institutions around the world.
  11. E-secure shopping service to provide greater protection when using a credit card online. For more information, please click here.
  12. Special offers and discounts. 
  13. Complimentary airport lounge access at select airports.
  14. Higher credit limits.
  15. Higher travel coverage.
  16. MasterCard and VISA Premium credit card benefits worldwide. 
  17. Please visit​ or​

* Terms and Conditions apply. Annual fees waiver for The Wessam clients, APR of 31.37% for payroll clients with more than 4,000 Riyals monthly salary.

Residential Finance for The Wessam Clients

Considering Multiple Income Sources​

Wish to own your future house? SNB offers you residential finance programs enabling you to buy property of your choice with financing up to SAR 7 million offered at monthly flexible installments with a repayment period up to 30 years, counting multiple income sources, such as the monthly salary, commercial income, or rent income, or counting your balances in the bank. The bank is committed to transfer the property ownership to you, at the end of the agreed repayment period and dues payment completion.

Program Features:

  • Sharia’a-compliant
  • Salary transfer is not required*
  • A special rate and exclusive features for The Wessam clients
  • Financing up to SAR 7 million to lease Villas and apartments
  • An innovative calculation that takes into account your balances and deposits in the Bank as an income for your benefit
  • Financing period up to 30 years
  • In the event of disability or death, God may forbid, heirs will own the property, and shall be exempted from paying the remaining installments*
  • Free property protection program, which grants you an amount equals to the property value in the event of accidental destruction (God may forbid)
  • Schedules monthly installments according to your monthly salary
  • Helps you find the appropriate residence through brokers provided by the SNB
  • The possibility of early settlement after completing 2 years from receiving the financing*
  • Down payment starting at 30%
  • Maximum value of the property shall not exceed SAR 10 million

A guideline for After Sales Services​

* Terms and Conditions apply.

Hypothetical Example: Annual Percentage Rate 4.15% calculated on the amount of funding 590,000 Riyals for a period of 5 years, including management and assessment fees (1% of funding or 5000 Real value, whichever is less).

Financial Programs Tailored for your Aspiration…

Personal Finance

SNB sharia'a-compliant financing programs meet your needs and fulfill your aspirations. Whether you need to renovate your home, plan your vacation, complete your children's education or whatever your finance objective may be, you can choose one of the following programs:

Personal Finance via Local Shares: 
You are able to have access to cash within 15 minutes through Personal Finance via Local Shares, which enables you to buy local shares then sell or transfer it immediately to your trading portfolio.​​

Personal Finance via Local Commodities:
You can receive money in the same day through Personal Finance via Local Commodities which enables you to purchase from SNB commodities traded daily on the Saudi Market, such as rice, and resell it with a small difference in price, to be paid back on easy installments.

Secured Personal Finance Against Funds:
You can get financing guaranteed by selected Funds / investment portfolios at SNB.

You can choose the method of payment that best suits you, and receive guarantees from more than one investment fund.

Main features of Personal Finance via Local Shares / Local Commodities

  • Compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
  • Easy installments repayment programs for periods up to 5 years.
  • The possibility of getting additional supplemental financing.
  • Possibility of postponing the installment of the month of Ramadan.
  • Insurance in the event of disability or death.
  • The need for a sponsor is not required.
  • Competitive Profit margin for The Wessam Clients*.

*  Terms and conditions apply.​

* Annual percentage rate starts from 3.59 % for the financing of five years.

* Administrative fee of 1% of the amount of funding or SAR 5,000 (whichever is less) & it will be waived for Wessam Platinum customer for New Personal Finance.


Because we understand your aspirations to seek only the best, SNB Auto Lease Program (which is Shariah Compliant), is designed to complement your diverse needs and lifestyle. SNB is proud to be the first bank to introduce a program that takes into consideration your valuable relationship with Saudi National Bank. 

Program Features​

  • Shariah Compliant Financing
  • SNB Auto Lease Program takes into account the client's relationship with SNB
  • Monthly Salary (transferred to SNB or not) is not required
  • Exclusive Offers with Auto Dealerships throughout the year link​
  • You will enjoy discounts on fees for selected Auto Lease After-Sales Services (Wessam Platinum 100% discount, Wessam Gold 50% discount) on the below fees:
      • Authorization for additional drivers (for the first two additional drivers)
      • Authorization to drive outside KSA 
      • Ordering spare car key
  • Financing for both Saudi citizens and residents
  • Instant pre-approval from the first visit
  • A hassle-free application process
  • Flexible monthly rental payment for up to 5 years
  • Financing amount up to SAR 500,000
  • Full insurance coverage throughout the leasing period
  • Flexible settlement options during and at the end of the leasing period (according to terms and condition of SNB Auto Lease with Promise to Own Program)
  • Ability to lease up to five cars for Saudis and three cars for residents
  • Availability of After Sales Service Centers across the Kingdom

Terms and Conditions 

  • Minimum Relationship in Wessam program 6 months
  • Minimum Age is 21 years old 
  • Maximum Age is 65 years old​

Required Documents:

  • Car Price Quotation 
  • Work/Home Maps
  • Copy of Valid ID
  • Copy of Valid Driver’s License
  • Salary Certificate is only required if the monthly income is defined as salary

* Terms and Conditions apply 

* Administrative fees are either 1% of the amount of finance or SR 5000, whichever is less

* Competitive annual percentage rate starting from 13.82%

SNB program for protection and saving... 

Alahli Takaful Protection and Peace of Mind

Alahli Takaful, one of the innovative programs offered by SNB, is based on the principle of cooperative insurance approved by the Sharia'a Supervisory Board. This program allows for a great flexibility in respect of subscription, and carefully takes your financial and family plans into consideration providing you with many privileges without bearing any risks.​

Program Features:

  • Maturity Benefits: By investing the regular contributions in various Investment Strategies it offers long term savings that would allow you to reach your financial objectives
  • Benefit Payable Upon Death: In case of death before the maturity of the program, it provides for payment of the Protection Benefit as shown in the certificate and ensures achieving the Participant's initial financial goal
  • Wide Range of Options: The program is tailor-made to suit your personal needs, lifestyle and budget. It offers various options that you can choose from at any time in order to meet your changing personal requirements and needs
  • You can choose either the Hijri or Gregorian calendar to suit your cash flow
  • You can appoint and add up to 8 beneficiaries to the program
  • You can switch/redirect your contributions from one investment strategy to another, with 4 free switches/redirections a year
  • You can increase or decrease your contributions according to your budget
  • You can defer your contributions for 12 months (subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions) as well as pay additional lump sum contributions

* Terms and Conditions apply

Electronic Services​

AlAhliOnline, a Cultural Facade for Modern Banking

Today and via Internet, you can enjoy, from any place and around the clock, state-of-the-art banking services conveniently through "AlAhliOnline" website. The website enables you to conduct your banking transactions, manage your accounts fast and easily, obtains needed products, services, unique banking privileges, and many more. The website applies "Multi factor Authentication" for more security and protection to your personal information, financial information and banking operations.


Your Banking Transaction with a Phone Call

Being at home, in office or any other place inside or outside the kingdom, you can conduct many of your banking operations making a phone call around the clock and every day without visiting the branch, if you can't visit the bank within business ours, using SNB Phone Banking which is designed exclusively to serve The Wessam Clients. Calling the free number 8002442424 from within the Kingdom or +966 126049804 from outside the kingdom, you can conduct your banking operations and access a bundle of various services. You can also speak directly with an expert officer who is happy to serve you and fulfill all your banking needs at any time.


AlAhliMobile, a Bank in Your Hands

A secure and easy application that you can download to your mobile allowing you to carry out your banking transactions directly inside and outside the Kingdom, around the clock, and anywhere. Wherever you are, "AlAhliMobile" allow you to carry out your banking transactions conveniently and easily.


The Authentication Method Application, "AlAhliToken", for a Secure Banking Transactions

The authentication method "AlAhliToken" is one of the Multi factor Authentication applications designed for smart phones such as "Apple", "BlackBerry", and "Android". Such application provides you with a new Authentication code every 30 seconds, providing you with the highest protection levels for your financial information, personal information, and security when using SNB Phone Banking or AlAhliMobile services, so you can conduct your banking transactions with absolute confidentiality and peace of mind.